About Kathaleen

Andrew and Kathaleen1Hello There, I’m Kathaleen!!

I am the creator of Brilliant Little Ideas and I’m..

  • a follower of Jesus Christ.
  • a wife of a 6’4 red head
  • a mother to two ornery boys & a set of twin girls
  • grammatically incorrect
  • the firstborn of 3 girls (So very opinionated and bossy)
  • just a tad of a perfectionist
  • a kitchen mess-maker extraordinaire!
  • an amateur photographer.
  • a person who thrives in Chaos!!

My Bonus Children!

I was blessed to have an in-home Daycare for 10 years and I loved it! God has given me a passion for children. I love to find new fun activities to teach kids about Jesus.

I consider all of my past daycare kids to be my bonus children, I was so lucky to have had such great parents to work with and great kids to love on.

A little more about me..

God chose to give me two awesome boys, and I adore them. To me boys are the absolute BEST! With boys we have loads of chaos, destruction, and love. Before my 5 yr old was born Luke (age 13) and I could take pictures with ease..


Now, however, this is what 90% of our pictures turn out like, either from the boys fighting or hugging. Aahh.. life with kids is very entertaining.


It took us a long time to get Ryker and then…

In 2019 Andrew and I were blessed with fraternal twins. To our surprise, they arrived 8 weeks early.

Lydia with a full head of dark brown hair and a sweet disposition. She came into this world with a few problems. Lydia didn’t have a diaphragm on her left side, but God has proved the doctors wrong time and time again.  I will tell her story later after her next surgery (when her mesh breaks- we have no idea when).

Lorelai was fisty in the womb and even more of a busy body out. She is sweet and ornery, maybe even more ornery than both of the boys put together.

God blessed me with an AWESOME family!

I love my family and see almost all of them on a daily basis. In fact, see each other so much we get on each other’s nerves… Here are a few pictures of us together.


Here we are at Tally’s in Tulsa, on our way to Kansas. Left to right Me, Krista (sister), Harper (Krista’s daughter), Dad, & Kayce (Sister).


This one was taken without a selfie stick (bc I refuse to use one) at Nasa in Houston. Left to right, Andrew, Ryker, Dad, Kayce, Luke, & Me.


My mother hates to have her pictures taken, but isn’t she pretty! And here is a goofy picture just for laughs… I was bored so I took this picture and sent it to my sister sitting next to me.


Thanks so much for stopping by!