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Best Pretend Play Toys for Kids

Pretend play toys are great for kids but how do you find the best pretend play toys? I’ve done all the hard work for you, so here are my top 25 Best Pretend Play Toys for kids.

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Best Pretend Play Toys for Kids

Raising children for the last 18 years and having a daycare for 10 years has taught me how important pretend play really is. My daycare kids have such creativity and imagination while playing together. Even when I had just one child they loved to pretend play. I have loads of great pretend play toys to help make your choices easier. These are all things I love and have purchased or would tell my sister to buy. My favorite toymakers by far are Melissa & Doug. They have such durable toys that can go through constant play for years and still look perfect!

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Best Grocery Store Toys for Pretend Play

My kids love to go into the pantry and load their play carts up with all my canned goods. They spread them out on the table and create their own store. What’s the problem?

They don’t want to put it all back up. Honestly, all those cans are heavy and hard to put back exactly where they found them.

A pretend play grocery set is way easier to contain, pick up or they could leave it out as a permanent fixture in their room

I’ve got some really fun grocery store pretend play sales for you!

Grocery Store Pretend Play Prime Day Sales:

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Best Restaurant Toys for Pretend Play

Playing restaurant was some of my favorite things to do as a kid. I don’t know if you remember (circa 1989) but McDonald’s actually had a drive-through window complete with play food. It was so much fun to play with. I really wish I still had it for my kids.

The great thing about Melissa & Doug is this stuff will last through to your grandkids. My kids are really hard on toys and everything I’ve purchased has stood up well to their play. Yay, for their toys being on sale for Prime Day!

Restaurant Pretend Play Prime Day Sales:


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Best House Pretend Play Toys

Playing house is something kids come by so easily. They see Mom & Dad cooking, cleaning, and just doing everyday things like making coffee. They want to replicate that and that’s how kids learn.

Your 2 year old my love to help you sweep but by the time they’re 7 they hate it. I say… let them play, learn, and have fun doing everyday things while they can. Here are a ton of prime day sales that will help your kids love the everyday things you do.

House Pretend Play Prime Day Sales:

Catch the sales before they are gone!

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