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Surprise Gift Box a Fun Gift Exchange Ideas

Kaboom! Everyone loves a Surprise! This DIY gift box is a great idea for teens, girls, boys, moms, or dads. For Birthdays, Graduations, Christmas or well the list goes on and on. Who will you make one for?


DIY Surprise Present for Birthday or Christmas

Toys are just not cutting it now that most of my nieces and nephews are getting older. So to make giving things like boring old money more fun to give an receive we came up with this DIY Surprise Present!

It’s an explosion of fun & anticipation!

I’m getting a new one ready to ship to my niece for her Birthday in January. She is getting money with some flavored lip gloss.

Oh, I hope she doesn’t read this, the surprise will be blown! Ha Ha! It’s still fun to pop the balloon, and who knows I may change the gift..

What you will need

  • Present Popper PDF -Here! Check out our Free Member Library for all of our printables.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paper mache tall round box (Width: 8 3/4″ Height: 9″)
  • Large bow for the top. (The one I used is plastic)
  • Red paint
  • Round 1 inch sponge
  • Red glitter
  • Crinkle paper strips
  • Balloon
  • Small tomato paste can
  • Small soft gift, money, or other thing that won’t pop your balloon
  • Toothpick
  • Scrapbook paper

How to make your own DIY Surprise Present -Video

How to make your own DIY Surprise Present -Pictures

Grab your round paper mache container and lets get crackin’.

Using you round sponge dab some red paint on the side of your container in a dot style pattern.

Glitter as you go so it sticks to the wet paint.

Hot glue your ribbon onto your lid.

Once it’s dry add some crinkle paper to the bottom of your container. Why? Because it just makes it prettier!

How am I going to get that fluffy dog into that tiny balloon? I’m so glad you asked!

Take your clean tomato paste can with both ends cut out and make sure it doesn’t have any sharp shots. Stretch the balloon over the top of the opening of the can. Sttretttchhhh!

Kaboom! Everyone loves a Surprise! This diy gift box is a great idea for teens, girls, boys, moms, or dads. For Birthdays or Christmas with a How to Video.

Now cram that fluffy dog through the tube, along with the money of course. You may need a wooden spoon to shove the items far enough into the balloon to be able to blow the balloon up.

Quickly! Blow up the balloon because no one needs the image of that messed up balloon, money, dog, is it birthing it.. thing in your mind for too long.

AHHH! Better! Make sure the balloon fits in the container before you tie it off.

Cut out a topper for your toothpick to pop your balloon by downloading this Topper Popper Pdf.

Cut it out and glue it to your toothpick.

Choose a piece of scrapbook paper and glue it to the underside of your lid.

Tape your toothpick popper topper to the scrapbook paper.

Done! Now give your DIY Surprise Present away and let the popping begin!

Did you give this as a gift?

Kathaleen Kopf



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