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Indoor Snowball Fight


Here in Texas, we have odd weather. This January it has been in the 70s. So I surprised the boys with some indoor snow and full on fun.




Indoor Snowball Fight

Kids, especially BOYS cooped up in the house for too long equals disaster! My kids love to go outside and play. When that is taken away for too long because of bad weather its almost like they have no control over their bodies.

So to avoid that fiasco I put in lots of roadblocks. Such as this Rubber Band Target & Gun activity, or our Cupid’s Arrow Balloon Shoot and even this Why I let my kids play with tools post I wrote a while back.  All of these ideas are energy burners. They have to think, focus, complete the activity, and most of all have fun. If they get loud, fine, If they jump around a lot while competing in Cupid’s Arrow Shoot or playing with the Rubber Band Gun, GREAT! The more they move the more they will need to rest later when they watch a movie and my ears stop ringing while I drink my tea. Run on sentence? YES! Seriously, that was a mouthful, but who has time to take a breath when you’re out of options, at your wit’s end, ready for spring and just praying for a semi nice day.

Desperate? I totally understand. I’ve been there so many times. However, that wasn’t the case this time…

In reality that’s not originally why I created this Indoor Snowball Fight. It was created for my boys who desperately wanted snow, they had been outside all day long, in the middle of January (in 70° weather I may add). They were so sad.

So I created snow with what I had. And you know what? It was a HUGE hit!

What you will need

Indoor Snowball Fight -Video

Indoor Snowball Fight -Pictures

The #1 Secret to an EPIC snowball fight is the snowball its self. So make sure you have a great one. Here are 2 great options.

To create your own Snowball Fight you can use tissue paper or these AMAZING Snowballs (affiliate link -but seriously WE LOVE THEM).

If you are using tissue paper just wad up 2-3 sheets per ball. Let your kids make all the snowballs. I purchased 1,000 sheets of tissue paper after Christmas at my local Walmart for 10 cents. Yep! That’s a lot of cheap snowballs.

My local Walmart was remodeling so I got these boxes a little cheaper than normal. Next time, I plan to order them from here because a 25 pack would have been so much more fun.

I tried to hot glue these boxes shut and lets just say it didn’t work well. So duct tape to the rescue. Any color will do since were spray painting them later.

I used old movie popcorn buckets and had leftover spray paint. You choose what you want to do.

Once the buckets and boxes are dry bring them in and set it all up.


I added some giant snowflakes, foam snowflakes, lights, and whatever that glittery stuff is you find at Christmas that comes in large sheets. Anyway, that is what I put on the floor. I would advise something without glitter for you.


So easy and so much fun. Not pictured was tons more tissue paper snowballs that turned into a giant fight soon after this picture was taken.

Ahh, the memories!

Do you get much snow where you live?

Kathaleen Kopf


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