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Simple Fall Candy Apples

Need a quick Halloween snack? Try these Homemade Simple Fall Candy Apples for your trick or treat kids. Candy Apples are a hit with kids as the classroom snack.

These simple fall candy apples are easy to make and fun to eat. With just a few ingredients you can have a fun fall treat in just a few minutes.

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Looking for something small for a party table? Then you need to make these Carmel Apple Bites. They are delicious with sweet, salty, and crunchy in each bite.

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Simple Fall Candy Apples

Have you ever just walked around your kitchen with leftover chocolate looking for anything to put it on so you won’t sit down and eat it? Well, I’m ashamed to say I have. Ashamed.. that’s probably the wrong word since I have face timed people while licking a chocolate spoon. Apparently, I have no shame. Humm.. another revelation about my self!

So I was searching frantically for something to coat in chocolate and looked in the fridge. Celery! Score! So I dipped the celery in the chocolate and well, let’s just say that a stingy crunch mess wasn’t something that kids would eat.

I found bananas but they were too ripe so I moved on down the countertop stacked with dishes, (did I mention I have a daycare? That’s my excuse for unwashed dishes today) and peeking behind the stack of dirty kids Ikea plates was a Fuji Apple! Eureka! That would taste awesome dipped in the heavenly melted chocolaty goodness that I was carrying with me trying so hard not to just smash my face in.  My husband will never understand me..

I would like to say I made it through making the apples and was completely fine not eating any chocolate. I did, however, get a Simple Fall Candy Apple treat when they were done. Oh, SO GOOD!

What you will need

How to make Simple Fall Candy Apples -Video

How to make Simple Fall Candy Apples -Pictures

Melt the chocolate in separate bowls. Separate out the Mini M&M’s that you need if you can’t find them in the fall isle.

Wash your apples and insert a Popsicle stick into the top of each one.

Coat the apple with the desired color chocolate and immediately sprinkle with candy.

If you are making the mummy apple below coat with chocolate then let dry. Once dry pour some white chocolate in a sandwich bag and snip off a small edge. Place 2 dots of chocolate on the apple then place the eyes on and drizzle the whole apple with chocolate then let dry again. Done!

Do you love chocolate too?

Kathaleen Kopf
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