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Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner -Printable Family Game Night Ideas

Our kids love to play games. They love video games, card games, and board games. We created this game a few years ago and loved it so much that I wanted to make it a printable for you! Download, Print, and Play!

Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner -Printable Family Game Night Ideas

Enjoy time with your kids this weekend by playing together. This fun game Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner was created by my family a few years ago and is now a staple year round. I hope your family loves it as much as we do!


What You Will Need

Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner -Video

Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner -Pictures

You have 2 choices. You can print the color version of the game Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner or you can print the black & white then let your kids color them in. Either choice is fine just make sure not to get a hand cramp coloring all of them. It does get a little tedious cutting all the shapes out BUT if your kids are big enough let them help you or give the job to them.

I do strongly suggest that you laminate each piece because, really who wants to cut all those shapes out again. NOT ME! My hand still hurts, but hey, the game and fun you’re going to have is totally worth it! Here is my laminator (this is mine and I love it!) and the sheets that go with it laminating Sheets (I use these).

Maybe you should wait a day because once you have all your cut pieces laminated you have to cut them out again. Let the tears begin. No.. Im not joking. Cut them out again! You will even need to laminate the game board placemats.

These cards (pictured below) are crucial to your game. They are the spinners that are going to make this game so much fun. Each spinner has the rules of how to play at the top. Pick from a harder version (the one with the turkey) or the easier version (no turkey).

Using your scissors or an ice pick poke a hole in the center of your spinners.

Place a paper clip on to the brad and push the brad through to the other side. Fold down each side of the brad to secure in place. Make sure the paperclip is able to move and if the bad spins too when you push the paperclip then just add some tape to the backside to hold the brad in place. Oh, My, Gosh… I don’t think I have ever said/typed the word brad so much in my life!

Test your spinner again just to be positive it works correctly.

Now that you have everything cut out… again. Let’s work on playing the game!

This is the harder game. It takes a little longer than the other game. The object of the game is to get at least one of each food on your plate before anyone else. So take turns spinning going around the table either clockwise or counterclockwise. If you spin and get the turkey you have to empty your whole placemat game board and start all over again. Sometimes you will spin and get that stinking pie 5 times in a row. Just keep stacking them up until you get one of each. See next picture.

You need one biscuit, turkey leg, pumpkin pie, carrots, peas, and potatoes n’ gravy.

Each person gets a placemat gameboard below. So make sure you have one for each player.


Does your family have a weekly game night?

Kathaleen Kopf

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