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2 Ocean Theme Mini Books

Need a quick idea to add to your brilliant teaching in either Sunday school, home school, daycare, or kids? Look no further for an easy fun activity than these 2 ocean theme mini books!

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2 Ocean Theme Mini Books

In the mini book kids will get to trace, color, cut and LEARN. They can learn the names or if they are younger then they can see the pictures. Either way learning is key in everyday life with kids. This is a super fast ocean book to make. It literally takes seconds to cut out and fold, which means you can have a couple of minutes to yourself as your kids color. Yay! Quiet, even for a second is just heaven! For me being a Daycare owner a few seconds without yelling is all I need to get the ringing in my ears to stop.. lol! Check out the Ocean Theme Fun Friday  that I made this for. I love Fun Friday, but that’s another topic.

How to fold a mini book

Above are the detailed instructions on how to fold. Quite honestly its easier for me to take a picture then to explain in great detail how to fold this tiny thing. You will get it in no time, its way easier to fold then those folded paper games we played with in elementary school (so fun though). Click on the picture below to download and print the one page book.

2 Ocean theme mini books.

I hope you enjoy the mini books as much as I loved creating them!

All art was made by me so please don’t steal, alter, or try to pass off as your own. I made them for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to print them for your class, kids, or anyone who will enjoy them.

Did you love this simple book?

Kathaleen Kopf

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