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Thanksgiving Color Pages -Free Printable

If your kids are crazy and you’re looking for something easy for them to do these free printable thanksgiving color pages are an easy fix. Just print and let them color. Ahh… quiet for 2.5 seconds!

Thanksgiving Color Pages -Free Printable

Thanksgiving is sometimes forgotten, it’s sandwiched between a major candy holiday and the biggest gift day of the year. At my house though, we like to give Thanksgiving some extra love. If you’re looking for some fun activities for your kids to do I have a list for you below. My absolute favorite is definitely going to be the Edible Thanksgiving Cabin. It’s not only fun to make but also to eat.

What You Will Need

Thanksgiving Color Pages -Free Printable -Pictures

Simply print, color and display on your fridge or art wall. My kids have the entire fridge covered in art, quotes, and school pictures. We also have a wall dedicated to their art. I should probably downsize their display but at least they’re staying busy with art instead of video games.

Cluttered Wall = Creative Children

You can either print one or all of the thanksgiving color pages.


Do your kids love color pages?

Kathaleen Kopf

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