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DIY Thanksgiving Garland -Printable Template

If your kids love to help why not give them a decorating job. This printable template makes Thanksgiving Garland a breeze. Just print, color, trace, cut and clothespin. A simple kids craft they can be proud of.

DIY Thanksgiving Garland -Printable Template

What You Will Need

DIY Thanksgiving Garland -Printable Template -Video

DIY Thanksgiving Garland -Printable Template -Pictures

Print your template and you have 3 choices you can:

  • color it or
  • cut it our to use as a template
  • or do both as we did.

Trace the template on a few cute scrapbook paper sheets and cut them out. We used some cute Halloween Scrapbook paper so see what you have before buying anything.

Felt wise Ryker wanted to go with fall colors. He traced and cut out the shapes himself. The more your child is able to do the more proud they are going to feel about the finished project. Take precautions with scissors and your child’s age of course.

If you chose to use all 3 like us and you haven’t already cut out your colored shapes you can do that now.

The twine and clothespins (linked) are in a kit together on Amazon, you can also find it at your local Hobby Lobby or Micheals store.

Cut the twine the length you need and start arranging your fall shapes. Let your child choose where each leaf and turkey go then give them a clothespin to attach each shape onto the string.

You have the option of using glue if for some reason the clothespin doesn’t correctly hold the paper or felt. We chose not too so Ryker could keep switching things around.

Finished! Ryker was proud and so was I. He stayed busy while I prepped for Thanksgiving dinner. Win! Win!

Kathaleen Kopf

Let your kids help with decor! DIY Thanksgiving Garland Printable Template. Use felt, scrapbook paper or just the printable. It’s a great fall kid craft.

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