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5 Native American Teepee Printable


Mini Indian teepees are a quick thanksgiving craft that your kids will love. It will also give you a chance to teach your kids about what happened in the first years when the pilgrims came. Choose from 5 different Teepees to assemble as a decoration for your Thanksgiving feast.

Mini Indian teepees are a Quick thanksgiving craft. Kids will love DIY 5 Native American Teepee Printable. #teepee #indian #thanksgiving #freeprintables

Native American Indian Teepees

Note: These are NOT modern-day depictions of Native American Indians. I use these to teach the history of my own family to my children. 

Teepees are really awesome! Indians could move them from place to place. My kids loved this craft. They played while I told them not only what Thanksgiving is all about(the good & bad) but also who our family was, & how they lived. I’m not going to tell you what to explain to your kids. That is up to you. Do your research.

What you will need

  • Printable (Located in the members-only Free Printable Library)
  • Card stock
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Tape

How to make your own Indian Teepees

First, print your Teepees on card stock. The thicker paper will help your kid’s creativity stay alive for much longer than regular paper.

Next, give your kids some crayons and let them scribble, design,  and create their own ideas for what the teepee should look like.

Once they have finished coloring you will need to cut out your teepees, people, food and lodge poles (the sticks that hold up your teepee).

Fold the teepes where the arrows were pointing.

Your teepee should look like this.

Now, it’s time to tape on your lodge poles.

Make sure to set your lodge poles where you will be able to see them for the front.

To make your people and fire stand you will need to cut a small slit out of the top and a small slit out of the bottom of the second fire. To make your people stand you will need to take an extra piece of card stock and do the same that you did for the campfire.


Did your kids enjoy the Native American Teepee Printable?


Kathaleen Kopf

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