60 Silly Conversation Starters for Kids

Is your dinner table talk a little boring? Mine was until I came up with 60 Silly Conversation Starters for Kids. The best thing about it.. you never know what someone will say or who they will ask a silly question too.

60 Silly Conversation Starters for Kids

There is something wrong when we have the world at our fingertips and still don’t talk to each other. I made these Silly Conversation Starters to help detach my kids from electronics. So far it’s working and I’m already working on another set of cards.



What you will need.

How to use Conversation Starters for Kids

You will first need to join our Free Library for Members (here) then print your 60 Silly Conversation Starters for Kids. Next cut out the cards using the solid white lines as guides. Once you have all 60 cut out they will need to be mixed then turned face down.

Have your youngest child take the top card and ask anyone at the table the question. To make it more fun you can have everyone answer the questions.

Have fun answering the silly questions with your kids.


Why do I need Conversation Starters for Kids?

We are now living in a digital world where we have all forms of social medial at our fingertips but we missing the face to face interaction. We, as parents get so busy “getting things done” that we sometimes forget to stop, sit, look our kids in the eyes, and really have a conversation. These 60 Silly Conversation Starters for Kids are a fun way to start everyone talking either sitting in the living room or at the dinner table. Let the laughter roll!

Where Can I use Conversation Starters for Kids?

Anywhere! You can take them with you in a ziplock bag.

To use them

  • on a long car ride
  • at the dinner table
  • a holiday get together
  • playing with friends
  • waiting on a dr
  • standing in line
  • each night before bed

The possibilities are endless. Just pop the ziplock baggie full of conversation starters into your bag and go.

Kathaleen Kopf





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