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Groundhog Day Bookmarks Printable for Kids

Keep your kids busy with fun ideas like these Printable Groundhog Bookmarks. Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids can be fun to not only learn about the history of groundhog day but also about groundhogs. You only need a few supplies to create a bookmarker that will keep your place in your child’s reading books. Be sure to print your bookmarks on cardstock or laminate once colored for durability.

It’s an easy craft that kids can work on while you teach them the basic phonics rules, or read them a fun groundhog book. So gather up your favorite books and spend the afternoon reading to your child. If you are looking for lots of cute groundhog day books for your kids check my list below as well as more groundhog crafts.

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What you need to make your Groundhog Day Hats Craft

How to Make a Groundhog Day Hat Craft

Keep your kids busy on February 2nd while waiting for Punxsutawney Phil to come out and see if we are going to have more winter or early spring. Teach them about the weather while waiting to see what ole’ Phil says. Is it a cloudy day or sunny outside?

Gather up your craft supplies and print your Groundhog Bookmarks on white paper or cardstock. If you choose to print on cardstock it will hold up a little longer durability wise. Laminating will also help to keep your new bookmarks around for a long time.

Color your bookmarks while trying to stay in the lines and really working on those fine motor skills.

Scissors will also help build their hand-eye coordination. This printable activity can be a 2 sided bookmark by folding it in half or cut through the center to make two separate bookmarks. Make this special day last a little longer by keeping the groundhog bookmarks in your child’s current book they’re reading.

To add a little more creativity to your bookmarks you can let the kids cut construction paper out to be glued to the back of their ground hog bookmarks. If you need another groundhog craft make sure to grab these cute Groundhog Hats Printable for your kids to wear while learning on this special day.

Groundhog Day Books for Kids

  • Groundhog Day! -A cute book that has the history behind Groundhog day and also interesting facts about groundhogs. Illustrations are colorful, and a great addition to all your groundhog day fun!
  • Groundhog’s Runaway Shadow -A cute, short, and really silly story about how Phil used to love playing with his shadow but, now his shadow has a mind of its own. Follow all this fun in this quick but memorable book.
  • The Night Before Groundhog Day -This is a great book to build anticipation of what will happen on February 2nd. Will the groundhog see its shadow and will we have more winter? This book is a fun look at what is going to happen and a great way to get the kids excited the night before. It also has some really cute illustrated groundhog pictures.
  • Grumpy Groundhog -A really cute story about how the town gets the groundhog to come out of it’s hole.
  • Celebrating Groundhog Day -If you are looking for fun things to do with your kids all day or all week this is the book to get! It has a fun mask you can make as well as snack ideas and even how to make a groundhog shadow puppet. This book is a huge win if you’re looking for groundhog day activities for kids that even adults want to try.
  • 10 Grouchy Groundhogs -Funny repetitive book is similar to 10 monkeys jumping on the bed but with groundhogs.
  • Groundhog Gets a Say -If you want a book that’s a really funny look at the groundhog’s importance on Groundhog Day with facts this book is for you!
  • Groundhog Secrets -This is a great book if you want to really give more information on what a groundhog really is and why they are called woodchucks. Fun facts in a quick book full of information and pictures of groundhogs.

If you’re looking for some fun activities to teach your child more about groundhogs check out this groundhog activity pack here in my shop. Add this to your lesson plans for as a few creative ways to really find out more about groundhog day.


When I was in school we would learn a little about Groundhog Day in social studies or sometimes we could watch Punxsutawney Phil on a tv the teacher rolled into our 3rd grade room. Either way, Groundhog day can be so much fun for kids so make sure you have some easy crafts along with some fun activities for kids.

Happy Groundhog Day! I hope you enjoy these cute printable bookmarks.

Kathaleen Kopf

Groundhog Activity Sheets

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Groundhog Hats

Printable Groundhog Day Hats are fun for little kids. They can wear them while learning about groundhogs.

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