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Thanksgiving Place Mats for Kids – Free Printable

Keep the kids at your Thanksgiving happy with these cute fall printables. Choose from 10 different Thanksgiving Place Mats to make dinner a little more fun.


Thanksgiving Place Mats for Kids – Free Printable

Do your kids take part in many adult conversations(ie weather, news.. etc)? Mine… sometimes (depending on the age, mood & options), but usually only if its something they aren’t supposed to hear.

Why is it that my kids can’t seem to hear me when I’m talking directly to them. Their eyes staring into mine.. and nothing computing. All they hear is “wah wah wah”.  Kids are strange and we grow up into even stranger adults.

My cure for boring adult ridden dinners is something for them to do. Give the kids a coloring page some crayons and they’ll stay busy for like 3 minutes.


What You Will Need

Thanksgiving Place Mats for Kids – Pictures

You can find the printable placemats here download, print and hand them out to the kids. Set a bucket of crayons on the table and your good to go for about 5 minutes. No promises but hey, even a good 2 minutes gives you time to run to the bathroom. Ha Ha! Sometimes that’s all a mom can ask for!


Do you have a traditional “kids table” at your Thanksgiving dinner?

Kathaleen Kopf

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