DIY Fire Extinguishers -Easy Pretend Play Ideas for Kids

Do your kids love to Pretend play that they are firemen? Fake Fire Flames for Kids are sure to bring their pretend play to life add a few DIY Fire Extinguishers and take play time to a whole new level! You just need a few craft supplies like a clean spray bottle and some duct tape and Voila! You don’t even need a hot glue gun.

You can add water to put out some Easy Side Walk Chalk Fire Flames or just keep the fire extinguisher dry and blow air onto these Tissue Paper Fire Flames. Kids are so creative but if you give them just a few pretend play accessories you can take their creativity to a whole new level.

It’s probably a good idea to keep them away from any real fire or a real campfire with this fun new toy. However, if it’s actual flames they are looking for you could make them their own pretend campfire with a realistic look by following the details on how to make a 3D Fire Flame.


DIY Fire Extinguishers for Pretend Play

I use to make a weekly theme for my daycare kids and our Fireman Fun Friday was so much fun. Most of the day was spent just roleplaying but the kids really enjoyed the freedom to invent new games and scenarios. Ryker loved to play with his DIY Fire Extinguishers to save his cousin Harper who happily screamed for the pretend burning house that had a little flame stuck to the outside of the house. To make those little flames follow the directions on How to make fire flames, it even has a printable template.

It was super cute to watch as they took turns driving up in their Ride on Fire Truck to save the day. If you don’t want to make your own Fire Station like this then I’ve got a really Cute Firehouse you can buy or keep the kids busy longer with a Color Your Own Fire House Kit.

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What you will need

How to make your DIY Fire Extinguishers -Video

How to make your DIY Fire Extinguishers from a Spray Bottle -Pictures

Let’s get started! This may be the fastest fun crafts you will ever make for your kids. This is a fun way to keep your big and small children busy.

For best results, you will need to take the labels off. I yanked mine right off, but the sticky part stayed, of course. If you choose to leave the labels on just make sure that the duct tape sticks to the label the best it can.

Mix and match the colors of tape you use. I did have orange duct tape but it was just a little too bright. All in all, choose different shades or different colors of duct tape for your own diy fire extinguisher. Let your child or children decide what colors to use and let them help you push the tape on or if they are big enough they can make one will just a little help.

You can create your own DIY Fire Extinguishers or copy what I did. I started at the base because it was easier to work up than down for me. We want the top to overlap over the bottom tape. We want a tight seal with the tape from top to bottom because you will want to keep these for another play day or many. All the hard work you will put in is going to pay off! The kids will love playing with these.

Choose a spot to start and unroll some tape. Keep it tight as you wrap it around the spray bottle. Mix and match the colors of tape you use. I did have orange duct tape but it was just a little too bright. All in all, choose different shades or different colors of duct tape for your own diy fire extinguisher.

You can cut off any extra tape or wrap it around the bottle again. Just keep going with your design and don’t forget to overlap all the way to the top.

If you need some Construction Paper Fake Fire Flames I have a great template for you along with detailed instructions.

The good news is that you are almost done. Make sure you know how many DIY fire extinguishers you want to make and make an assembly line with your kids. have them get the air pockets out of the tape and push the tape down. Young children really love this job and they feel like they’re really helping.

If your kids want a long water hose to put a fire out while playing in the yard give them a pool noodle. They can run and pretend play that they are firemen while saving the day! Again please teach fire safety and about real flames and how they can hurt them. Kids need to learn to be cautious and now is the time to start. A fake fire flame is always better than them trying to start a real fire.

Next steps are pretty easy. We are going to cover the very top of the spray bottlle. You will need to cut the duct tape into small pieces and lay it over the places you want to be covered. You can choose to cover the whole thing or just cut small thin strips to line and add a little accent to the lid.

This craft is also great for your little campers that like to pretend play with a fake campfire. They could even have some pretend marshmallows to roast over their fire pit, then when they pretned that the fire has gotten too big their handy diy fire extinguisher is right there when they need it.

Perfect! You did a great job!

What else can I do with a water spray bottle for kids?

Another great idea to keep your kids busy is to add water to the spray bottle and give them a rag. They can either wash the windows or wash their fire truck. If you have enough time, let them spend the morning at their very own pretend play car wash.

Your kids can was all of their matchbox cars, ride on cars, or outdoor toys. A bucket of water, spray bottle, and sponge can go a long way when giving the kids something fun to do for a morning or afternoon.

Choose to either put water in the spray bottle or keep it dry for indoor fire fighting fun.

Another idea is to draw on some fire flames with some bathtub crayons and let your kids but the flames out by washing and spraying until they are gone.

The kids had an absolute blast playing to the rescue with their large Tissue Paper Flames billowing out of the window. We had the Easy Foam Flames coming from the top and sides of the house so they had plenty of places to spray their new fire extinguishers.

How to Teach Kids About Fire Safety and When To Start

Some more fun ideas to keep your kids busy and teach them at the same time is to have a fire drill you can teach your child what to do if they see a fire or smell smoke, what fire starters and matches do, and what happens if we have a house fire.

You need a plan to get your kids out and everyone meets in a safe spot and kids are never too young to be taught about fire safety.

Do your kids love to roleplay?

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