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DIY Snowflake Wands

Your kids are going to love this DIY Snowflake Wand. We used ours for pretend play being Snow Queens in a winter wonderland for an afternoon.

DIY Snowflake Wands

Create your own winter wonderland for your kids to pretend play all day long.  If you like this Snowflake Wand you will LOVE our Snowflake Headbands.

If your kids get thirsty give them a tummy warming Ultimate White Hot Chocolate.


What you will need

  • Large wooden snowflakes
  • Dowel rods
  • Paint (your choice) & brush
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glitter

How to make your DIY Snowflake Wands -Video

How to make your DIY Snowflake Wands -Pictures

Start by painting one side of your snowflake. You will want to make sure to get all of the edges.

Before the paint is dry glitter your snowflake liberally. Let it dry then flip and do the same thing again.

Paint your dowel rod and let dry.

To add in a little extra fun color you can paint the base of your dowel rod a coordinating color.

Now glue your dowel rod onto the snowflake.

If your hot glue gun doesn’t set your wand correctly you can use E6000 but it take about 24 hours to completely set.

Add as much ribbon as you want, the more the better.


Now let your kids go play. Enjoy!

Did you kids like making their Snowflake Wands?

Kathaleen Kopf

        Let your kids create a fun winter craft, or give them as party favors. Snowflake Necklaces are my go to k way to keep kids busy on those snow days, or rainy days. This DIY kid necklace craft is easy for older kids to make by themselves. Kids will love to give these to their friends.        DIY Snowflake Stamps are excellent for preschool hands. Watch the video tutorial for an easy how to look on how to make your own stamps. Let your kids decorate brown paper and wrap presents for a cute homemade look. or just let your kids craft away with stamping everything in sight.

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