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Super Easy Snowflake Headbands

Preschool and big kids will love this Super Easy Snowflake Headbands. Fun ideas for birthday parties party favor or pretend play with friends. 

Super Easy Snowflake Headbands

Do your kids love Frozen, and completely obsessed with Elsa? We have watched it so many times here that my ears actually go numb. I don’t even hear it anymore. Its just background noise like the fridge or dishwasher.

So I thought we’d kick up our Frozen love with some pretend play Snowflake headbands and a Super Easy Snowflake Wand.

You can even give them an afternoon treat with this Ultimate White Hot Chocolate.

What you will need

  • Glitter foam snowflakes
  • Color coordinating ribbon
  • Hot glue gun

How to make your own Snowflake Headbands -Video

How to make your own Snowflake Headbands -Pictures

Ok, get ready, because this is going to be really fast!

Warm your hot glue gun. Glue one dot into the center or your foam snowflake.  attach pre cut ribbon.

Hold to make sure the snowflake stays correctly.

… and done, tie the snowflake headband around your child’s head and let them have a full day of pretend play.

Here are a few examples.

Let the extra ribbon hang down or tie into a bow. Pretty cute, huh!

Did your kids enjoy their Snowflake Headband?

Kathaleen Kopf


DIY Snowflake Stamps are excellent for preschool hands. Watch the video tutorial for an easy how to look on how to make your own stamps. Let your kids decorate brown paper and wrap presents for a cute homemade look. or just let your kids craft away with stamping everything in sight.      Your kids are going to love this DIY Snowflake Wand party favor. It goes great with a Frozen Elsa Costume. We used ours for pretend play being Snow Queens in a winter wonderland. Beautiful Birthday party favors or centerpieces. Watch the video on how to make your own snowflake wand       How to make your own DIY Snowflake Matching Game complete with Video. Great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for kids. Great classroom gifts #christmas

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