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Snowflake Necklaces for Kids

Let your kids create a fun winter craft, or give them as party favors. Snowflake Necklaces are my go to way to keep kids busy on those snow days, or rainy days.

Super Easy Snowflake Necklaces for Kids

This month is really our only real winter month here in Texas so we like to celebrate our lack of snow with a winter theme in the house. We have things like our Super Super Chocolaty Hot Cocoa with Hot Cocoa Stirrers  or Ultimate White Hot Chocolate to drink. We like to pretend play with Snowflake Wands, Snowflake Headbands and our very own Indoor Snowball fight. The kids also love to Snowball Paint and use these DIY Snowflake Stamps to create an afternoon of fun.

As of today this is my favorite craft. Why? Because, when you have several little kids hiding from you, you can still find them when they move and the bells jingle. Oh, the joy when I find all of them is contagious. They love it!

What you will need

How to make your own Snowflake Necklace -Video

How to make your own Snowflake Necklace -Pictures

Let’s get started.

Using your jewelry pliers open your jump ring and slide your snowflake on to it, then the necklace.

Close your jump ring onto itself by overlapping the ends.

It should look like this when its attached.

Now do the same for each bell. Making sure to attach them in the position you want. You don’t want your necklace to be crooked.

And your all done. Notice I didn’t count the beads so the silver bells are a little uneven, this little girl didn’t seem to care one bit. She loves her new Snowflake Necklace!

Did your kids love making this necklace?

Kathaleen Kopf

Your preschool kids will love this Super Easy Snowball Painting art for kids. You can even add glitter for a cute & fun winter time snow activity. Pom pom ball crafts are my favorite to keep my kids busy on cold days. Let them make a snowman or a winter storm in their pictures.         Preschool and big kids will love this Super Easy Snowflake Headbands. Looks great with your Frozen Elsa Costume. Fun ideas for birthday parties party favor or pretend play with friends. watch the how to diy video to create your own with ribbon and a foam snow flake.       Your kids are going to love this DIY Snowflake Wand party favor. It goes great with a Frozen Elsa Costume. We used ours for pretend play being Snow Queens in a winter wonderland. Beautiful Birthday party favors or centerpieces. Watch the video on how to make your own snowflake wand

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