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Easy Easter Pancakes for Kids with Edible Grass

Move over old Easter morning tradition… I’ve got the perfect easter bunny breakfast idea for you! These Easter Bunny Pancakes are the new favorite pancake recipe! So yummy and really easy to make from a homemade pancakes recipe or even a box mix!

The cute bunny ears hiding in the grass can be topped with mini marshmallows, fresh fruit, and edible grass. This is a fun easter breakfast ideas that can be frozen ahead of time and thawed out for Easter Sunday. Add a strawberry shaped bow tie to the bunny to make each one extra special.

Out of Syrup? This homemade Pancake Syrup recipe is made in minutes with just four simple ingredients. What’s great about this easy syrup is that it doesn’t have all the extra ingredients that store-bought syrup has.

Easy Easter Pancakes

I’d like to say that I used my favorite pancake batter recipe (here) however, that wasn’t the case today.

I was running late.

So my answer in a pinch…

Store bought pancake mix, like the one in the box that all you do is add water. And it totally saved my bacon! Breakfast for dinner could not be a better faster meal. Especially where there is little to measure. Seriously, with that mix, I just eyeballed it. An ingenious answer to a tough question on a hard day of “Mom, what’s for dinner…?” “Uhhh pancakes”!

I thought I’d make things a little more fun by making them into bunnies and treating the berries like eggs on top of some edible grass.

It was a huge hit!

What you will need


  • Chocolate chips
  • Candy Eyes
  • Easter Sprinkles
  • Whipped Cream
  • Melted butter mixed with maple syrup

Easy Easter Pancakes with Edible Grass -Video

Easy Easter Pancakes with Edible Grass -Pictures

Start out with a hot buttered pan, skillet, or whatever you normally cook on.

Mix your pancake batter. I have a recipe here if you need fluffy pancakes. I like to make my mix a little thicker so it’s easier to draw a bunny when the batter doesn’t run.

Start out by pouring a cup of batter into a squeeze bottle like this. The tip of the squeeze bottle will help you control what your bunny head looks like. A squeeze bottle will give you the freedom to make all kinds of bunny-shaped pancakes. Even bunny butt pancakes for the kids who love to say butt, believe me. they will get a kick out of eating bunny butts!

Heat your pan to medium high heat and let’s get started!

The squeeze bottle is going to help you to be able to draw the bunny onto your hot skillet. Go slow, I’m sure your bunny will look great, and if it doesn’t it’s still edible! As long as you don’t burn it.

Cute bunny pancakes may take a minute to get right but with practice, you will get it in no time. If all else fails just make a circle and add fruit to make a bunny face. If you want to expand into easter baskets or whole rabbits feel free, your kids will love it and it’s a fun way to spend time with your family plus make some new memories.

On a warm to hot griddle add a little butter then, you’re going to start out with the face and then work up to the ears making sure the bottoms of the ears connect back to the bunny face. See the video for a closer look.

Im going to say it again… the great thing about a messed-up pancake is that it’s still edible. If your perfect easter breakfast with your perfect bunnies doesn’t come out right just tell the kids it’s a Picasso pancake they will have so much fun trying to decide what all the rabbit pancakes really look like.

Once they look bubbly like the one on the right you can flip them. Make sure not to burn the bunnies. If you get tired of making bunny pancakes just make tiny pancakes instead.

Dye the pancake batter and then pour batter back into the squeeze bottle so you can make small ovals for eggs to set on the plate next to your bunny head pancake. Don’t forget that you can freeze the leftover pancakes to eat on a weekday morning. This time of year weekday breakfasts are an everyman for themselves dash out the door.

Your easter traditions will never be the same after you serve these cute pancakes for the first time. Themed breakfast is a Saturday morning favorite at my house.

If your bunny pancakes aren’t turning out too dark and not golden brown turn the heat down to low until the griddle cools. Each pancake should have a few bubbles before flipping them to the other side. Burnt pancakes isn’t the best flavor for the easter holidays, although my oldest son does like pancakes almost burnt.

To plate your bunny pancakes you should place one bunny on the plate, some chopped edible grass on top, and berries in the grass on the bottom of each plate. Top with Maple syrup, a little butter, and whipped cream and you’re done. If you want to get fancy on top of the whipped cream with some berries and grass.

Now, on to the decorative details of your easter bunny pancake!

You can make each bunny pancake a little different by adding mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, or even making shapes out of the fruit. You can add candy eyes to really impress the kids with something funny. Cut strawberries into slices and make the slices into a bow for the bunny’s head or into a bow tie.

Small oval-shaped pancakes can be decorated by your kids with berries, grass, eyes, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and whatever else you would love to use. Let your kids have fun decorating the egg shaped pancakes or bunny pancakes all by themselves.

Do you make bunny pancakes on the easter weekend?

Kathaleen Kopf

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