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Edible Bunny Peeps Easter Snow Globe


Surprise your kids with these cute Edible Snow Globes as a fun treat or in their Easter baskets. Watch the video to see which sprinkles made the best rattle.

Edible Bunny Peeps Easter Snow Globe

The kids and I really had a lot of fun with these Edible Easter Snow Globes. I have one sitting on my desk as I type. It’s pretty neat to stop and shake it then set it back down.

I think I’m too easily amused…

I like to think of it as happy, I like simple things and I want to enjoy simplicity sometimes too.

The only bad thing about these cute snow globes is that they can be eaten way too fast!

What you will need:

Edible Bunny Peeps Easter Snow Globe -Video

Edible Bunny Peeps Easter Snow Globe -Pictures

You have 2 choices of jars. If you have or know someone who has baby food jars then, Yippee!! use those. They need to be the tall jars not short ones.

If you can’t get your hands on any, then no problem you can use these Tiny Ball Jars (linked). However, DO NOT buy them unless you check the price. They are currently outrageous on Amazon. Go to Walmart.

Tiny Ball Jar Edible Easter Snow Globes

First, I’ll Show you how to use the tiny ball jars. they have fewer steps than using a baby food jar snow globes.

Start out with your jar, some melted chocolate, a bunny, a few candy eggs, and this edible grass.

Coat the bottom of your bunny in a layer of chocolate then in edible grass. You can also dip your bunny’s bottom in chocolate if you’re making a bunch.

Dot the back of your egg candy with chocolate then set in place. I chose to have all 3 in the front and it should fit into the jar.

Let the chocolate set then, dot the bottom with chocolate so it sticks to the jar. Gently place your bunny into the tiny ball jar upside down. Let sit again for the chocolate to harden.

Put a few teaspoons of sprinkles into the jar then close the lid. You’re done with this one. On to the baby food jar snow globe.

Baby Food Jar Edible Easter Snow Globe

First, you need to spray paint your lids. They need to be painted white first for the other color to really show. WHITE SPRAY PAINT THEN THE COLOR YOU WANT (that was for anyone just scrolling through). Let dry.

Take your lid and put a dab of melted chocolate on it, then top with a double (just means 2 stuck together) candy wafer. Top again with a dab of chocolate then set your bunny on that. Let the chocolate harden.

The height will help to keep your bunny in place.

Add a little more chocolate around the bottom of your bunny butt and cover with edible grass.

Place a dab for each candy egg you use so they stick correctly and let dry.

Put a few teaspoons of sprinkles you have on hand, or this sprinkle I found works the best.

Very gently, place your lid on while trying not to knock off any of the eggs.


That’s it your done! Now celebrate by running through the house yelling, or just eat one. Seriously, it takes some patience to make these sometimes.

Have you made edible easter snow globes before?

Kathaleen Kopf

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