Cute Halloween Color Pages Printable for Kids

Keep these free Halloween coloring pages for a quick afternoon activity this spooky season. Let your children choose from 4 different Halloween coloring sheets grab some crayons and you can finish your morning coffee. Older children can have lots of fun racing their siblings in a quick game of color race. Color race is when you choose one image like the ghost and color all of them that you can find in a certain time or before anyone else can finish. 

If you’re interested in making your own color sheets check out  Canva and that’s the site I used to create these super cute printables. If you are looking at making your own or teaching your children to make their own color sheets (click here for my referral link -no expense to you). We are homeschooling our kids this year and I’ve had to make quick crafts and color pages for them and of course, you reap the benefits!! Create your own Halloween pictures, haunted houses, or a whole Halloween coloring book. This is also a great way to teach your kids a new creative skill or create free printables for your friends. 


Cute Halloween Coloring Pages

Just print and color. Keep your kids busy while you make lunch or run to the restroom.  This spooky fun can last for days if you choose to let them only have one each day. Or you can make them smaller by doubling the pictures up on each page in print preview or your printer settings. Little kids would love to have something fun to make this Halloween season so to go with these free Halloween printables how about a fun snack like Cauldron Cookies.

You can also print them all together and let them make their own fun activity, a book. Just let your kids color scary witches, black cats, or even a cute spider for the book cover, and then staple it all together. Viola! They have their own homemade coloring book. Coloring is great for those fine motor skills. With each page, kids learn patience and how to stay in the lines. If your kids are like a few of mine that skill is slow to happen. Some kids just like to scribble. So if that’s the case make two different coloring books, one to scribble and one to color slowly. Remember kids (older and younger kids) are all at different skill levels so it’s fine for them to take their time. 

What Can I Do with Halloween Coloring Pages?

Above we have talked about creating your kids’ very own Halloween coloring book so we’re going to add a few things to that. When your kids run out of fun Halloween coloring pages for their book just add in some new pages, blank or something new fun Halloween coloring pages. 

Cut out some pictures your kids have colored and turn those into Halloween decorations, you can make some Halloween garland, or a whole new picture by adding the first cut out to a piece of cardstock or paper plates, then creating a fun background with some puffy paint. 

Make a 3D Halloween Scene from your free Halloween coloring page buy cutting out your favorite parts and standing them up. Created a whole scene with a background piece, the cutout coloring page, and then a frame to go on the outside. You can find a fun border online by searching frame or border printable pages. Once you have all the pieces, line them up and bend the end 1 inch of the middle and back sides forward and the front 1 inch of the paper sides backward. Staple to secure your Halloween images. 

Make Halloween puppets by adding a popsicle stick to the back side and let the kids play. No matter what you choose to do with your printable pictures your kids will have a great time. To make this activity a huge hit, give them a few candy corn, and everyone colors together. 

Grab your Free Printable Halloween Color Pages PDF Below.

👻 Halloween Color Pages

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