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Turkey Puppet Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Are you trying to get things done while your kids under your feet yelling… Mommmm watch me! Mom, she hit me! Mom… you’re not listening.

Mine are.

Take a few minutes and make these cute turkey puppets with them and not only will you have some quality time put in but they will also have something to keep them busy for a bit.

And maybe, hopefully, you can finish the laundry or dinner.

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What You Will Need.

Turkey Puppet Thanksgiving Craft for Kids -Video

Turkey Puppet Thanksgiving Craft for Kids -Pictures

To start off. Gather all your supplies that are listed above.

Go ahead and have the paint you choose in your paint pallet and let’s start painting.

Paint the front and side of your wooden circle shapes  &  wood teardrop shape.  Set them aside and let them dry. You don’t have to paint the backs unless you choose to. If so make sure the kids let the front side completely dry before they flip it to paint the back.

Let’s get started on the handles while you’re waiting on the paint to dry.

Grab your jumbo craft stickswashi tape. Help them wrap the craft stick with the washi tape until it’s completely covered. This makes it extra cute and just adds another fun step in the process of creativity.

If you are looking for something easier id grab some colored jumbo craft sticks. They will make the craft a little easier. Just let them choose their favorite color and that part is done.

When your wooden circle shapes are completely dry dab the end of an expo marker in a little white paint. Tap it on a paper towel to get the extra off and then gently place the painted tip onto your circle face for the turkey to make eyes.

Use the end of your paintbrush to draw a triangle beak and fill the rest in dipping into some orange paint when needed. Let dry.

Once the eyes and beak are both dry you can add on the eyeballs. Again using the end of your paintbrush paint on some small back eyes in the larger white eye dots.

Now for the turkey snoods. You’re going to wonder why we even have the other end of the paintbrush because were are (yet again) using the pointed end of the paintbrush to draw/paint on the snoods next to your turkey’s beak.

While that is drying let’s get the hot glue gun and attach the teardrop shape onto your jumbo craft stick. It needs to be close to the top that you see in the picture below.

When the head is dry add a dab of glue to the top of the teardrop that’s glued to the jumbo craft stick and press down the head until the glue is set. It shouldn’t take long. On to the feathers!

Choose as many or as few feathers as your child wants. You will need to glue on this just because feathers are hard.

*Note* A easy way to not burn while attaching feathers is to use a spare craft stick to hold each feather for a few seconds. If you want to cover the feather stems you can add on another painted wooden circle shapes as you used for the face.

Do you think making puppets is a good way to keep your kids busy?

Kathaleen Kopf

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and it helps to pay for more craft supplies.  Click here for more information.

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