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DIY Spring Rings for Kids -Easy Way to Make Rings

Spring and Summer are the best! I love all the flowers and sunshine, however, the Texas heat can be a little too much. On those super hot days when your children have to stay indoors let them make these super cute rings.

Kids love to learn all year long. When the weather is nice, and flowers are blooming take your kids outside to learn some Spring Facts. Your kids will love learning all 12 fun facts and you will too!

If your kids love all thing slime then they will really enjoy this Bug Slime! Keep your kids learning all summer about the bugs around you.

DIY Spring Rings for Kids

I love my daycare kids and sometimes my older kids come back to visit me in the summers. When they visit I like to have fun things for them to make and/or do ready and waiting.

Now, to be honest sometimes (most of the time) I just wing it and let them create from a box of things or I have a stroke of brilliance and put together a craft like these Spring Rings.

And every once in a while I have a whole week planned out like this Epic Bear Hunt Adventure, Fireman Theme Week, or Robot Theme.

Maybe, I’ll get better and have the whole summer planned!?!

I doubt it this year.

What you will need

DIY Spring Rings for Kids -Video

DIY Spring Rings for Kids -Pictures

Have your kids made their own rings before?

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