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How to Make Stilts for Kids -with Formula Cans


Did you have a favorite toy as a kid? Mine was stilts! Oh, stilts… I remember making some out of cans as a child and once my mom bought me a set for Christmas. Stilts are so much fun! I’m going to show you how to make a super quick set to keep your kids busy for days!!

How to Make Stilts for Kids with Formula Cans

Coming up with things for kids to do in summer can sometimes be frustrating. Kids need to burn some of that energy playing and be able to use their imagination. So one of my many answers is to have your kids make something. Today I’m going to show you how to make stilts for your kids using formula cans. If you want more formula can ideas check out this Bear Cave or these Tin Can Telephones.

What You Will Need


How to Make Stilts for Kids with Formula Cans -Video

How to Make Stilts for Kids with Formula Cans -Pictures

First thing you need to do is place a hole 3/4 the way up your can. Gently hammer a nail through the side of your can, wiggle the nail until its free and do the same on the opposite side.

To spray paint the cans I first taped off the middle and sprayed the tops. Once dry I just sprayed the bottom without marking it off with tape this time so the paint sprayed a little onto the top color. It made sort of an ombre effect.

Now that your paint is totally dry its time to push the ribbon through the hole. If you’re using a larger ribbon like in this picture below it will need to be bent in half to a point. The point is pushed through the opening and tied off on the inside.

Tie the ribbon off on the inside and double knot it. That way (hopefully) it won’t come off and your kid won’t hit the ground. Although the fall isn’t that far for most kids. Me, however… I’m tall and fall often.

Seriously, at 36 I STILL FALL.

I obviously have the BEST hand-eye coordination.

A real Athlete I am! Ha Ha Ha!

Do the same for your smaller can. Make sure to tie at least 2 knots.

I’m totally blaming the girls for my new found tolerance for pink. Blue is still my favorite color but that pink is looking pretty cute.

Choose your own colors. If you like these cans just wait till you see our Tin Can Telephones. The big one is 3 colors. So pretty.

Let your kids have a chance to really learn how to walk on those stilts. They need to keep the ribbon held tight, upright and pick up their foot with the ribbon. It’s ok if they fall but it will be better if you teach them by doing. It also makes for way more fun with Mom is walking on these funny things.

Memories in the making!


Did you have stilts as a kid?

Kathaleen Kopf


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