Easy Apple Art

Hi there! Are you desperate for a simple letter an idea for your kids to do? This apple painting is the answer! Not only is your child learning but also having a blast stamping with apples. This Easy Apple Art painting for kids is your answer!

Apple art is a fun way to learn about the letter A. These Letter of the Day Prek lessons have loads of ideas to add to your learning play time or school time at home.

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Easy Apple Art

Get ready for an easy letter A activity that is super fun and educational! This will keep your kids busy until the paint runs out so make sure to have extra sheets of paper. See the supply list below.

What you will need

  • Old newspaper to cover the table and/or the floor
  • 1 or 2 apples cut in half
  • Fork for each apple to make painting easier
  • Paper plates to hold the paint
  • Paint Red, Yellow, and Green for the apples. I used Brown for the stems.
  • Card stock for your Letter A Printable
  • Black & Brown construction paper
  • Stick glue & Scissors

How to make easy apple art- Pictures

First, pick your child’s work area and spread out newspapers to cover your table, floor or where ever you choose for them to work. Kids and paint most of the time equals.. messy!

Next, pick an apple or 2 depending on how many colors you want. We choose red, yellow, and green because those are the colors of apples. Cut each apple in half and push a fork into each half apple but be careful not to push it all the way through. See picture below.

Let your children apple stamp blank pages and this letter A printable. 

Let the kids pain small brown stems on the tops of their apples. The smaller kids may need more help then your older ones with this.

Once your apples are dry cut them out and make this easy paper basket. All you need is black construction paper and a few strips of brown construction paper. See the picture below.

Now, lets glue the basket down. Run your glue stick around the bottom edges, this will secure the basket to the paper.

Glue each strip of brown paper making sure not to glue the middle at all.

Glue on the edges of your basket and then your basket is done. Make sure the middle wasn’t glued down before you put your apples in the basket.

Cut out each apple and slip them into the basket.

Number the back of each apple for your child to count them later. We put the apples in order from 1 -10.

Letter A Stamping!

Print your Letter A Printable and let your kids stamp away.. Cut out the letter A afterwards and hang it somewhere fun.

Get your letter A printable here!

Thanks so much for stopping by I hope your kids enjoy this activity!

So did your kids love painting/stamping with apples?

Kathaleen Kopf
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Easy Apple Art with letter a printable for kids to apple stamp. You can also make an apple basket then count the apples. quick craft for kids
Easy Apple Art with letter a printable for kids to apple stamp. You can also make an apple basket then count the apples. quick craft for kids
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