Homemade Dilly Bar Recipe


Dilly Bars are a fun summer treat that your kids will love! I have a simple video for you to watch, then you’ll be making these with your kids in no time.

Homemade Dilly Bar Recipe

If you live close to a Dairy Queen then you probably know how delicious a Dilly Bar is. Its ice cream with a popsicle stick hand dipped in hard shell chocolate (like this recipe). Oh, the chocolatey goodness…

My boys and I love to make these Homemade Dilly Bars. They make for an easy after dinner dessert or something to cool them down from those super hot Texas summer days.

What you will need

Homemade Dilly Bar Recipe -Video

Homemade Dilly Bar Recipe -Pictures

Prepare 2 1/2 sheet jelly roll pans by lining each with parchment paper.

Start off by taking your favorite ice cream and pressing it into a 1/2 sheet jelly roll pan.

*Note* It works better with a harder ice cream like Blue Bell, Breyers is a softer ice cream but still good.

I pressed the ice cream down with my finders then smoothed it with a spatula. Make sure to press the edges in at the bottom. Freeze at least 4 hours or overnight.

*Work quickly with this part!

Remove the ice cream from the freezer once it’s set and gently press in the cookie cutter. Lift the cookie cutter and ice cream out by using a metal spatula and set on the new cookie sheet.

If the ice cream hangs to your cookie cutter just press slightly with your fingers

Push in a popsicle stick through the edge of your circle leaving enough out to hold the treat but far enough that the top doesn’t tumble over when you eat it.

Replace again overnight or at least another 4 hours before we add the magic shell chocolate.

Buy some Magic Shell (like this) or you can make your own hard shell chocolate using this recipe.

Get them from the freezer and let’s get to adding that chocolate. Your kids are going to love this part!


If your bowl is big enough you can dip the ice cream in the hard shell chocolate. If not simply use a spoon and pour it over each Dilly Bar.

*Keep extra spoons because mine went missing several times only too look around and find a boy’s mouth covered with chocolate. Kids are so fun!

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!

Once all the Dilly Bars are covered in chocolaty goodness run them to the freezer. They will need to freeze yet again for 4 hours or overnight.. (Insert your own giant eye roll here) Are you reading the repetition in my voice? Seriously, its a lot of 4 hours or overnight, but they’re totally worth it!

They don’t have to be pretty they just have to taste good. The kids were proud and I was grateful for the time spent with them.

Ok, to be honest… I’m totally regretting Ryker eating the last of these. They were so very good. I hope you love them as much as we do.

Have you had a Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen?

Kathaleen Kopf




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