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Easy Rainbow Painting with Pom Poms for Kids

Rainbows can be hard to paint, but I have a new super easy way to paint rainbow after rainbow. Easy Rainbow Painting with Pom Poms makes painting a rainbow so easy that your kids won’t want to stop. So get lots of paper ready because I’m going to show you the best rainbow painting for kids!

Rainbow Painting for Kids

Here in North Texas, we have had A LOT of rain lately. So everything is wet and muddy, but with all that rain came beautiful rainbows. While we were waiting for the rain to stop the boys and I decided to make some rainbow crafts. You can also use this craft while telling the story of Noah’s Ark or even for St. Patrick’s Day.

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What You Will Need

Rainbow Painting for Kids -Pictures

This craft is about the rainbow. So we will be using ROY G BIV. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. If you choose to make a smaller rainbow with less colors simply attach fewer pom poms. Totally up to you!

Using your hot glue gun, run a line of glue long enough to put 7 pom poms. Attach each pom pom close to each other before the hot glue hardens.

This is what it should look like once the glue has set.

From here you have 2 options. You can either squeeze a dab of each color on each pom pom. Which I may add.. is time-consuming.

This is the second way and EASIEST!

Run a line of each color you plan to use on a folded piece of Manila paper. Slide your pom pom paintbrush though the paint from left to right then lift at the end.

The paper is folded so the paint doesn’t bleed through the top layer. Make sure to give one to each child otherwise they kids will tear the paper from overuse and mix the colors faster and nobody wants a brown rainbow with wet paper pieces stuck in it.

The picture below is what your pom pom paintbrush should look like after you slide it through the paint.

To paint your rainbow. As soon as you set y0ur pom pom paintbrush down start sliding in either a line or a half circle to make a rainbow shape and lift at the end. This is the easiest way to make a clean rainbow painting for kids. If they slide it back and forth only let the do it a few times otherwise everything will be a pretty interesting brown color.

To turn your rainbow painting into art just draw a few clouds and cut them out. Cut your rainbow out and glue it onto a pretty bight piece of construction paper.

I love how the rainbow pops on this bright construction paper. Cut your rainbow and clouds out and glue (with this glue) to the blue paper.

Isn’t so pretty!

Another option for your kids is to let them create a picture using their rainbow. So stick glue and this bright construction paper makes a bright and happy craft for your kids.

Like this…

Do your kids love rainbows?

Kathaleen Kopf

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