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DIY Snowflake Stamps

DIY Snowflake Stamps are excellent for preschool hands. Let your kids decorate brown paper and wrap presents for a cute homemade look. or just let your kids craft away with stamping everything in sight.

DIY Snowflake Stamps

Keep your kids busy for 10 minutes while they stamp away.

If your anything like me, you need just a few minutes of sanity.

Just a second or two to gather your thoughts.

Just time to let the ringing in your ears to stop.

If so.. I have got some ideas for you! Here’s a quick list.

Snowflake Matching Game,

Snowflake Headbands & Snowflake Wands

Ultimate White Hot Chocolate

Snowball Painting  and Snowflake Necklaces.


What you will need

How to make your Snowflake Stamps -Video

How to make your Snowflake Stamps -Pictures

Brace yourself for this craft. It’s done super fast add in drying time and its done in 24 hours.

Using e6000 (because it holds the best) add a small dab to the bottom of each wooden doll body, then attach to a snowflake.

I usually hold it down for a few seconds then set in a save place for 12 -24 hours. E6000 makes it rock hard!

Pour a little paint on a plate and let your kids stamp away.


Did you get a few minutes of peace while the kids did their Snowflake Stamp art project?

Kathaleen Kopf

Your preschool kids will love this Super Easy Snowball Painting art for kids. You can even add glitter for a cute & fun winter time snow activity. Pom pom ball crafts are my favorite to keep my kids busy on cold days. Let them make a snowman or a winter storm in their pictures.     Preschool and big kids will love this Super Easy Snowflake Headbands. Looks great with your Frozen Elsa Costume. Fun ideas for birthday parties party favor or pretend play with friends. watch the how to diy video to create your own with ribbon and a foam snow flake.      Let your kids create a fun winter craft, or give them as party favors. Snowflake Necklaces are my go to k way to keep kids busy on those snow days, or rainy days. This DIY kid necklace craft is easy for older kids to make by themselves. Kids will love to give these to their friends.


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