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Easy DIY Bunny Ears Headband for Kids


Your kids are going to love making their own bunny ears. Give them as a gift for Easter or as a kit in their Easter basket.

Easy DIY Bunny Ears

Oh, Easter… How I love you! It’s Spring, the birds are chirping, the grass is green and its time to Celebrate Jesus again!

So fun!

This year I wanted to make a Bunny Tail (see here) and why not make a set of ears to go with it?

And bonus, they’re bendable!

I’m currently hearing OOOHHHSS, & AAWWWS in my head.

Are you hearing it too?



What you will need


How to make your own Easy DIY Bunny Ears -Video

How to make your own Easy DIY Bunny Ears -Pictures

First thing you need to do is cover your headband with your giant pipe cleaner (link).

You have two options to get this done.

One, tie the pipe cleaner on with embroidery thread every few inches all the way around.


Two, do what it says above with the embroidery thread along with adding super glue to completely secure your headband to the pipe cleaner.

I only did the first and it stayed on really well. No problems to date, it’s only been a week but it also been through it with 2 boys playing with it. So you should be ok with either.

When tieing on the thread I made sure to wrap it around the headband several times to secure it in place then tied it tight and cut the string.

When your headband is secure you can cut the chenille stem at the end of the headband. Make sure that a point isn’t sticking out and if it is you will need to use some pliers to bend it over onto itself. We don’t want your kids to get hurt.

Start wrapping your chenille stem around your headband about halfway up. Once you hit the top leave enough stem for a bunny ear. Wrap around again a few times then do the same for the second bunny ear. End by wrapping halfway down the other side.

**Make sure to check all points, again this does have a metal piece in the center. 

I love this set. The Bunny Tail is linked here again if you want to know how to make it. I’ve never made a bunny tail that big before… SO FUN!

What kinds of things do you make with giant pipe cleaners? Oh, I’m sorry… (Cough) Giant Chenille Stems.

Kathaleen Kopf
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