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Easy DIY Bunny Tail

What’s Giant, Soft, Fluffy, and White…? It’s a Bunny Tail! A pom pom tail!

I have the perfect easy craft that makes a great bunny butt for your kids to pretend play with all day.

Easy DIY Bunny Tail

I’ve had this giant pom pom for a while… waiting impatiently for the day that I could use it.

Now that I created this bunny tail I have more ideas just tumbling out of my head on how to use another one. More to come on that one.

This would be a great gift toput in an easter basket, paired with this DIY Bunny Ears and you will have so much fun watching my kids play bounce around the backyard.

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What you will need

Here are all of the craft supplies that I used to make this DIY Bunny Tail.

How to make a DIY Bunny Tail -Video

How to make a DIY Bunny Tail -Pictures

Let’s make some bunny tails! Easter is one of my favorite holidays! The weather is nice, its spring, and the kids get to run around looking for candy. So fun!

In the past, I have made bunny tails from either cutting faux fur or buying fur circles. That is definitely the way to go if that’s what your store has. However, for ease lets make this one with just a giant pom pom ball. You can pick one up from your local Micheals, Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, or Amazon.

First off your going to smash down one side of your bunny tail. Like this picture below.

Cut two pieces of white felt to fit the back of your giant pom pom. If you are wanting a little tail, no problem, just buy a smaller pom pom to use.

Next, cut a small slit in one piece of felt so that the alligator clip can slide through like below.

Add super glue to one of your felt squares and lay the felt square with the alligator clip on top.

*Optional* You can add a tad super glue to the inside (bottom side not both sides) alligator clip to help secure it to the felt.

Let your super glue dry then add either hot glue or super glue to the backside of your felt and attach it to the pom pom.

Let set until hardened. This may be the easiest Easter craft ever!

Once it’s dry you can either clip it onto pants or add a ribbon to tie it on to your child. You can also your a good length of yarn, maybe 2-3 feet depending on the size of your child.

This is a great project to make with your child or just for your child.

Becareful if you decide to use a safety pin around kids. Those little things can pop open and poke someone. Ouch!

All done, wasn’t that an easy DIY project?

It’s ready to attach to your easter bunny costume or the back of a pair of pants.

Also, the ribbon came from Hobby Lobby. I loved the rabbit feet.

Have you seen a pom pom that big before?? ME EITHER!!

Kathaleen Kopf

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