Simple & Cheap Easter Basket Ideas for Kids


Ohhh Y’all, I’ve got some super easy ideas for your kids. These Easter Baskets are so fun and BONUS you can make them with little to no candy. Totally up to you! Here’s a bunch of themed ideas for you…

Simple Easter Baskets for Kids

So if you missed it check out this post about why we don’t DO much Easter candy and what we do instead. 

Andrew and I love these themed baskets for the kids because the kids can play with them now or we can put them up for later. Themed baskets like these below are easy for dress up, art, playdoh and more.

Simple Easter Baskets for Kids -Video

Simple Easter Baskets for Kids -Pictures

I like themes when it comes to Easter Baskets for Kids. So for the first one, I went with a cute creative theme. Here is what I put in this one.

Creative Kids Easter Basket

Easter Basket for Girls

  • Glow Stick Heart Shape
  • Slinky
  • Pink Ball
  • Baby Feeding Set
  • Peppa Pig Puzzle
  • Tiny Baby
  • Basket

Easter Basket for Boys

Easter Basket for Boys

Outside Easter Basket for Kids

Little Girl Dress Up Easter Basket for Kids

Do you make themed Easter Baskets for your Kids?

Kathaleen Kopf
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