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Easy Easter Peeps Pop Tart House Kids Can Make

Kids are going to love making their very own pop tart gingerbread house for Easter! Have a Peeps Party this holiday season and let them make an edible fun craft, Peeps House! This is a really fun creative way to keep kids busy and it makes a great Easter snack idea. Pop-tarts, frosting, peeps, & sprinkles are the simple ingredients you need to put this Easy Easter Peeps Pop Tart House Kids Can Make together.

Don’t have a pastry bag? No problem you can use a ziploc bag and cut a little bit off of one pointed edge. If you’re at home and don’t have pop tarts, just use graham crackers or pie crust cooked flat then cut into shapes will work. The best part of this delicious treat for easter is all the easter candy you can use to make it. Let the kids decorate their own Peeps House to show family and friends.


This house can be made for any holiday just change the colors and frosting around. Check out this Thanksgiving Cabin and Spooky Halloween House with graham crackers. You can find the recipe card below.

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What You Need to Make Peep House for Kids

How to Make an Easter Peeps Pop Tart House

Gather all your ingredients and your kids favorite easter candies. If you still have candy hearts from Valentine’s day or mini candy canes you can use those as decorations for your peep house as well.

If you want to make your own frosting then check out this Royal Icing Recipe (it’s a powdered sugar icing). I’ve used it many times on all of my traditional gingerbread houses. That recipe uses egg whites, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and cream of tartar. It’s an easy recipe and simple to get it to the right consistency. Also, it doesn’t require meringue powder, which I don’t like to use.

For today we are using a can of Strawberry Frosting. The buttercream frosting you use should be at room temperature. We are going to pipe icing onto the house using either a piping bag or a sandwich bag. More on that later on.

Choose what flavor of pop tarts will best go with your easter peeps house or you’re child’s favorite kind. For this recipe we used Confetti Pop Tarts although I thought hard about getting the pink strawberry poptarts. If you’rr in a pinch, look for toaster pastries. As long as they aren’t frozen and are shelf stable they will work just fine.

If you want to take the peeps house up a notch try making this Homemade Pop Tart Recipe. It’s super easy and you don’t have all the extra ingredients that you find in a poptart.

Grab your frosting and give it a good mix. If you decided to make your own this Royal Icing Recipe is the best! Spoon the icing into a plastic ziplock sack. The snack size is good for younger kids and the sandwich for your older kids. Make sure to fully zip the sandwich sack and then twist it to push the icing to one side. Don’t overfill it! The most you need is a 1/2 to 3/4 full.

When you have the frosting ready to go we are going to clip the edge as a piping tip. The larger the clip off of the plastic sack the more that will come out. You can always make the hole larger but you can’t make one smaller.

How to Cut Pop Tarts for a Peep House

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or cover a cutting board with plastic wrap. We want the house to be able to move later on. I used parchment paper under the one we made to move to a cake plate later on.

Start off with two whole pop-tarts. These will be the front and back walls of the peeps house. Looking at your vertical pop tart cut a small triangle off of each side of the whole pop tarts. You want the pop-tart gingerbread house to look like the front of a house with a peak at the top. The second pop-tart should look the same because you what the opposite side to match. It makes it easier to build a house.

The sides of the house need to be measured next to the vertical pop tart. Measuring from the bottom edge of the front side roof cut the new whole poptart across vertically. This will insure that the sides of the house will match up to the front and back of your house. YOu can make the entire house shorter by cutting from the sides as in a horizontal pop tart instead of up and down.

At first, I just halved pop-tarts until I realized they were just a little too short. If you have already done that, no problem Just trim down the front and back peak sides of your house to fit.

If you want to make this edible craft a little safer for kids try using a pizza cutter or a butter knife. They may need to push a little harder with a butter knife but it’s better than using a sharp knife to cut the poptarts. Your kids are going to have so much fun making these cute easter crafts.

Attach the front of the house that you previously cut by pipping some icing onto the back edge of the front house piece. Push the side pop tart piece into the icing. The back of the house is next so grab the other pop tart with a peak and pipe icing onto the back side of it and push the side wall that is already standing with the front of the house, into the back piece.

Make the whole poptart house a little sturdier by attaching the last side wall piece. Feel free to add more icing if you think you don’t have enough. Just don’t go overboard and fill the whole house up like one of my kids did.

Cut the two roof pop tarts by measuring (or eyeballing) from the front roof peak to the back roof peak. Place the horizontal end of a pop-tart on the top edge and measure down to the bottom edge to make sure that you don’t need to turn it or how much you need to remove. The idea is to get a good trim on the whole pop tart to fit in the open roof space laying on the top edges of our house form without it falling in.

Line the sides of the cut pop-tart roof with icing by piping it on the edges. The top corners should line up. If there is too much of a gap you can always cover it with more icing or candy decorations later on. Place the top edge of the roof to the existing roof to cover the whole top of the house. Try to get the pop tart in the right place because you may break it if you remove it. Place both roof pieces onto your house and let’s move on to the next step.

Have it a little crooked? Use a butter knife and gently lift up and move where it’s needed.

Next, you will need to add more icing or smooth out the existing icing if you have too much. You still want a thick line of frosting so the sprinkles will stick to the frosting. Top the icing with sprinkles before it dries. This just gives the house a little more character.

From here you can add as many candies on the top and sides are you want. Let your kids place their favorite easter candies along the top of the peeps pop tart house and down the sides of the roof. For best results use mini marshmallows, Jelly beans, or M&M’s.

One of the fun things about making this house is deciding where the peep bunny goes. One of my kids put their bunny on the roof and the other put hers on the side of the house. Depending on your child this edible craft could go fast or take an extended amount of time.

Cut edible grass with kitchen sheers and set it around the edges of the house. If the grass isn’t sticking remove it and pipe a little frosting to the base of your peeps house for the grass to stick to then re-add the grass again.

Additional candies can be added to the bottom of the house as a festive easter egg surprise. Add a mini marshmallow or two to the edges. Just place a dot of frosting on the back side of the candies and set them into place.

If you choose to move your house make sure to grab all sides of the wax paper and slide it onto another flat surface. Try not to bump the house along the way and make sure the house itself and all frosting is dry. Otherwise, it’s a fun way to get an afternoon oops snack.

What Can I Make a Peeps House With?

I like to use pop tarts to make edible houses but you can also use toaster pastries, graham crackers, or even old fashioned gingerbread. Graham crackers are easy to use if you want a square cabin but they can be a little difficult to cut. They sometimes like to crumble if you don’t press hard enough. Graham cracker gingerbread houses actually last a long time but I wouldn’t say they last longer than pop tart houses.

I have found that pie crust cooked flat on a baking sheet works well. Instead of making your own, you can just buy a couple of pie crusts from the store. Sprinkle the pie crust with sugar before cooking for a yummier taste.

What Can I Do With a Peeps House?

Besides letting your kids just eat the peep’s house, if you make this Easter Peeps House as a decoration it actually lasts a long time. I would advise keeping it far away from children because mine liked to snack on this house as I was taking pictures of it.

This Easy Easter Peeps Pop-Tart House would make a beautiful table centerpiece for your Easter dinner. Set it on a cutting board or cake stand. Get one with a glass top to sit this happy little house in. Make one seasonally like a Christmas pop tart house for your Christmas decorations, Fourth of July, or even a birthday. Any holiday could use a cute house to go along with the festivities.

Easy Easter Peeps Pop Tart House

Easy Easter Peeps Pop Tart House

Easy to make Peeps Pop Tart House is a great edible craft, snack or decoration for the Easter dinner table.


  • 1 Jar of Strawberry Frosting
  • 6 Pop Tarts
  • 1 Peeps Marshmallow Bunny
  • 1/4 cup Pastel Easter Sprinkles
  • 1/2 cup Easter Candies
  • Edible Grass


    1. Start by making the front and back sides of your house. They will both need an even peak at the top. With your pop tart laying vertically cut a small triangle off of each top side creating the peak of a house.
    2. Next, measure from the bottom side of your newly made front side peak down to the base of your pop tart. Cut the pop tart at the base of the roof. Do the same thing to one more pop tart and you will have both of your walls made.
    3. Place the sandwich bag over a small cup and spoon in the strawberry frosting until it's about 1/2 full. Squeeze the air out and zip the top. Push the icing to one side and twist the bag to hold it in place. Cut just the tip of the bag to use for piping the frosting.
    4. Pipe frosting onto the back side of your front peak pop tart to attach the side. Do the same thing when attaching the other side of your house. Attach the backside of your house by adding a frosting line to the back of the pop tart where the sides of your pop tart house will touch.
    5. To attach the roof, pipe frosting along the edges of the top of your house. Measure where the pop tart needs to be cut by laying it next to the house horizontally. Trim as needed to fit but not fall into the house.
    6. Top with more icing and add pastel sprinkles to the frosting.
    7. Cut edible grass into small stems with the kitchen sheers and lay them around the peep house. Pipe a little frosting onto the back of the easter candies you choose to use. Set them into place.
    8. Pipe frosting onto the back of your bunny peep and gently push the peep up against the house. Let dry before moving.

Did your kids love making this Peep House?

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