Easy Egg Carton Painting Craft for Kids

Looking for paper egg carton crafts? Here is a quick and easy egg carton painting idea to keep your kids busy for at least enough time to drink your coffee!

Easy Art Projects -Egg Carton Painting

Do you ever buy eggs in paper cartons? I usually have a ton of these because we love this Alternative to Easter Egg Hunting (linked) That fun family tradition leaves me with mountains of paper egg cartons and loads of ideas. So if you have paper egg cartons… I have a few things to keep your kids busy. I’d start with


Supplies you will need:


Easy Art Projects -Egg Carton Painting -Video

Easy Art Projects -Egg Carton Painting -Pictures

Grab your paper egg carton and cut out a couple of cups. Try using different types so the bottom will stamp different fun patterns. You can also group them in 2 or 3 cups to make something new.

Cut your cup, add a drop of hot glue, and a popsicle stick upright in the glue until it stays on its own. It may feel like a million years but the glue should harden in less than a minute. Hopefully… lol!

Let your child choose their favorite paint colors and add to a paint pallet or a paper plate. Notice the slight difference of the egg carton bottoms below.

Dip in paint and stamp on some manila paper. Its quick and easy craft your kids will love. It would also make cute wrapping paper or you can make a card for a relative.

The colors you use will determine your theme. So think of green, red and white maybe for Christmas. Orange and black for Halloween the list of ideas is endless.

Do your kids like stamping with paint?


Kathaleen Kopf

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