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Mini Art Kit Party Favor Idea for Kids

Does your child want an art themed party? An artist’s birthday should be full of creative fun and needs the perfect Party Favor Ideas for Kids. Goodie bags can be full of something sweet, entertaining, or a keepsake. The Art Kit Party Favor is definitely a keepsake.

Get their creative juices flowing at this craft party and at home with some fun art in this unique party favor. Each child will get a bag with an art easel, canvas, paint, brush, and paint palettes.

Messy crafts and art parties sometimes go hand in hand but I’ll give you some tips to keep things clean. A great way to keep from having a large mess is to cover tables with brown paper, or a plastic table cloth. That will both keep the table clean and keep clean up to a minimum. Put a toll of paper towel on each table for easy clean up along with some wet wipes. Each kid should have their own art apron to wear for the day or you could add their names to the front of the apron as a take-home gift which is another thing to add to their treat bag.

A great idea to keep the mess to a minimum is to let the kids color with sidewalk chalk and then let them erase it with squirt guns. The water will wash away the chalk and in a few minutes, they will have a blank canvas to start their next art project. These can be extra favors given at the end or kept for use for your own kids later either way my kids think this is so much fun!

Great party favor ideas and tip usually come from someone who created it in the past so let me help you find the best way to stay underr budget and make an epic party for your birthday boy or girl.

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What you will need to make a Mini Art Kit Party Favor

How to Make your Mini Art Kit Party Favor

The best part of these party bags is that they don’t have to be the same. You can have a larger canvas in one of the party favor bags and a smaller one in another. Add extra paint, art palette, or even a lollipop or two. These Mini Art Kits are a hit with younger, and older kids, or even adults. No matter the theme of the party or what party activities you have planned, art is something that most kids love.

Decide what kind of bag or can you would like to put the party favors in. You can choose from a reusable bag like a canvas, muslin, or even some cute paint cans that will hold the supplies needed to send creative party favors home with the special party guests. I have actually used canvas and paint pails before and both worked great! Write each child’s name on the back of the Party favor tag or on the bag or can itself with a permanent marker or with a pretty bag design.

Some great party favor ideas to save you money is to shop smart. Paint palettes and paint brushes can be found on amazon, at dollar stores, or at your local craft store. I picked up the mini canvases and mini easels at my local Hobby Lobby but you can also find them at Walmart. The Dollar Tree sometimes carries small art easels and canvas sets.

Choose a paint that is good and on sale. You can easily spend a small fortune on paint so this part needs to be planned ahead or maybe you can catch a good local craft store sale. A better way to save on paint is to purchase a set and divide out the paint between each party favor sack.

Gather all of your party favor supplies and start assembling each sack. Tie an art party favor tag on the side of each sack using colorful baker’s twine or ribbon. Don’t forget to make a few extra just in case extra children show up or a kid loses their goodie bag. Both have happened to me in the past so extras are always a good idea. Last year I had two kids lose their party favor bags.

A little bit goes a long way with these paint art party favors. Kids are usually really excited to get anything and these art kids are perfect just as they are. However, if you have a budget stick to it, but if you want to spend more money you can add some cotton candy, lollipops, or extra treats can be anything that kids like.

If you don’t have a lot in the budget and still want to make cute kids party favors, I can help you think of what to eliminate. Skip out on the extra sweet treats beyond the cake, party goers won’t even notice. Horns and party hats are usually torn or left to be thrown away after the child’s birthday party so unless you already have some skip that too.

Use what you have!

Grab all of the toilet paper, paper towel rolls, or cardstock you have on hand. You could even use the inside of a paper sack as a canvas for a kid to paint on. What paint do you have on hand? A Little or a lot? Instead of setting the paint on the table give each child a little paint on their own paint palette. That way they don’t use the whole bottle in one big squirt.

Don’t have any paint? I’ve got the perfect party activity! Grab some masking tape, scissors, glue sticks, construction paper, markers, and crayons, for the kids to make their own masterpieces. Help the kids discover their own little inner artist and make something out of nothing.

I’m not an artist but my child wants a painting party? No Problem, gather some ideas from online platforms like Pinterest or YouTube. YouTube has a lot of information about art and you can become an expert in just an afternoon. Well, maybe not an expert but you can learn enough to make your child’s favorite birthday party theme come to life!

Pool Party, wedding favor, baby shower, or as some birthday party favors, these Mini Art Kits will be perfect for your gathering. I would love to see pictures of what you put in your goody bag once you have it finished. Don’t forget you can even add a unique bag design to make your art kit extra special for your guests.

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