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Pom Pom Pumpkin Printable Craft for Kids

Looking for some fun easy Halloween crafts with pom pom balls? I have Pom Pom Craft Ideas for pretty much every holiday, but today we will be making some pom-pom pumpkins.

This fun Halloween craft idea is perfect for building those fine motor skills for younger kids especially if you have them use tweezers to place each pom pom ball onto the template. Even my older kids wanted to make their own pom-pom pumpkin. All you need is the printable pumpkin template, pom pom balls, and some glue. Surprise your kids with this cute Halloween Ghost Gift Basket when they’re finished with the pumpkin craft.

If your kids loved the pom-pom pumpkin let them make this Super Easy Cat Wands next or this Easy Spider Wand. Another fun Halloween idea is these Cute Spider Bell Necklaces the kids really loved running around the house chasing each other with their own spiders.

Finding fun yet simple Halloween craft ideas can be exhausting, but don’t let it. If you get overwhelmed just grab some random orange, black, white, purple, and green craft supplies and let the kids create their own Halloween decorations.

Kids are more creative than we give them credit for and can keep themselves busy without electronics. I try to keep my kids’ tv time to a minimum but some days it’s just hard. That’s why I keep fun craft bags handy for those hard to deal with days. Minimum tv is a healthy habit that I aspire to have. So easy crafts like this one on hand have been a lifesaver for me.

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What you will need to make the Pom Pom Pumpkin Halloween Craft

How to make your Pom Poms Pumpkin Halloween Craft

We are kicking this Fall & Halloween season with some easy ideas. First up let me give you a few tips to make these Pom Pom Pumpkins a little better. You can make your own homemade pom poms using a pom pom maker but it will be way easier to just purchase Halloween pom poms from your local craft store or Amazon.

For extra durability, print the Pumpkin Template (bottom of the post) on cardstock then using a hot glue gun attach the pumpkin to a box milk carton or empty tp rolls. If you don’t have a cardstock just print on regular paper then glue it onto a paper plate and cut the pumpkin template out then attach it to toilet paper rolls or something similar to help it stand.

To hang your pom-pom pumpkins you will need a piece of yarn and a hole punch. Be sure to use the hole punch before you attach all of your pom poms. I ran black yarn through the hole and hung it up on the window and the kids thought it was the perfect Halloween decoration.

Let’s get started with these fun crafts. Print your template or draw a pumpkin on a piece of construction paper. Gather all of the pom poms of different colors and different sizes you want to use. Keeping with the fall and Halloween festivities we chose purple, green, brown, black, white, orange, and a little yellow for fun.

Next up is to use a thin layer of glue to cover your whole pumpkin template or just work on one side at a time adding more glue as you work toward the other side. Some kids like to add a small dot of tacky glue or even elmers glue to the bottom of each pom pom ball individually. Do whatever you and your child are comfortable with.

The next step is to attach your pom pom balls. Let the kids choose which colors and sizes and sizes to create their own cute pumpkin. One of my kids made a giant pile of pom poms it was stacked up so high and all pink. She was so proud that she couldn’t wait for it to dry and about half of them fell off when she picked it up. Ha Ha! So make sure to let the pumpkin dry before lifting it up. You can also add a little glue to any loose ones for your kids.

You can make this Halloween craft a fine motor skill craft activity by using tweezers, tongs, or scoops for younger kids. Choose a tool and help your child pick up a few pom poms. Once they have that tool down Let them choose another tool and show them how to use that one.

To make building fine motor skill a lot of fun you can have them line up, sort, or stack these pom poms to help gain the motor skills they need. Do this just once, every day, or once a week until all the fine motor tools are mastered. Learning takes trial and error with a lot of repetition but the payoff is great!

How to Decorate your Pom Pom Pumpkin

Choose a color for the stem (top) of the pom pom pumpkin and attach each pom pom ball. You can also use loops of yarn for some cute swirlies coming from the top of the pumpkin. Pipe cleaners can line the edge of the pumpkin as a border to help keep the pom poms from rolling off of the pumpkin template. Keep the remaining supplies for another idea or for more pom pom crafts later on.

This craft would be great for a Halloween party or any spooky season event. Set up a table for the kids to come and create their own pom pom pumpkin as they choose or have the whole group make one at the same time. Pom pom crafts are pretty inexpensive especially if you buy them out of season or on sale.

Want a little extra fun? Add some googly eyes with a felt or foam nose and mouth to your pom pom pumpkin Halloween craft. You can also curl up some pipe cleaners to make hair or a mustache. Lay out several pieces of yarn and double knot them together to make hair or a shaggy shirt to dangle from your pumpkin.

A few more fun ideas for you to do is to give your pumpkin arms by adding popsicle sticks out the sides. You can even add legs and feet from the bottom of your pumpkin and create your own shoes by cutting out construction paper in a shoe shape. Don’t forget to make your pumpkin shape stand up by using an old paper towel roll cut in half or hanging from a string.

Young kids will love this idea because it is lots of fun and creative too. Any extra pom poms could be added to a sensory bin along with a small real pumpkin, some black wool, small bugs or spider rings, and that really fun spider web that you can stretch out. Make the sensory bin a haunted house theme or even all the things to make a skeleton face or a pom pom spider.

The best part of this craft is that it could be made out of anything, even paper scraps. This pumpkin craft would be a cute focal point on a line of ghost garlands. If your kids loved this craft they will love to make their own Painted Halloween Sandwiches.

The possibilities are endless! I would love to see what you make. Share it with me please via email or over on Instagram.

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Pom Pom Craft

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