Super Easy Tween Party Favors

This is a super quick party favor that both boys and girls will love. These Super Easy Tween Party Favors were a huge hit that even the little kids and teenagers both wanted. Watch the video or look at the pictures in this post.

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Super Easy Tween Party Favors

For Luke’s 12th birthday he asked a couple of friends and of course family over to celebrate. He chose a water slide to play on and wanted what he called “awesome party favors” for his friends and cousins. When describing these “awesome party favors” he was a bit vague. So I went to the store (Walmart) looking for things he liked.

He was too big for playdoh and silly putty, to big for silly bubbles, maybe legos but not all kids like legos. Heading to the veggies I passed a display of glass bottled IBC Root Beer. I instantly knew what he would consider an “awesome party favor” I was going to make a package of things he loved.  Root Beer, bubble gum, pop rocks, and cracker jacks. All awesome party favor things. That day I was winning at this motherhood thing. YAASSS!

What you need to make the super easy tween party favors

Watch the video below or just look at the pictures to see what to do.

Super Easy Tween Party Favors Video

How to put it all together

Open your clear plastic party bag and insert some fun crinkle cut paper.

Top with Cracker Jacks, Bubble Tape, and Pop Rocks. Place a cute paper straw behind you cracker jacks, its fun plus it helps to hold the goodies onto the Rootbeer bottle.

Using a twisty tie go ahead and secure your sack at the top around the straw.

Add a piece of tape to help hold your goodies to the Root Beer bottle.

Attach fun party ribbon to the top. You can find this at your local Walmart or dollar store pretty cheap.

That’s it! Cheap and Super Easy Tween Party Favors everyone will love, because really who doesn’t love junk food. My kids don’t get lots of this so they were stoked, but that’s a story for another time.

Have a great day!

Did your kids love these party favors?

Kathaleen Kopf

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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