The Birthday in a Bag -Easy Birthday Ideas for Kids & Students

The Birthday Bag is an inexpensive gift for your students or Sunday school or daycare kids that make them feel special. It’s literally Birthday in a Bag and has been a hit among both boys and girls. Let’s look inside…

I came up with this idea a few years ago out of a need to celebrate kids but in a different way than just a normal birthday gift. One of my Sunday School kids had recently celebrated a birthday and I missed it. I missed it by like an entire month! Feeling bad that I didn’t get her a card or at least tell her ‘Happy Birthday’ I racked my brain to figure out something else to do. I then realized it wasn’t too late at all. I could give her The Birthday Bag and she could re-celebrate it later that day. So The Birthday Bag was born!

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What you will need

Total cost for the bag is less than $3.oo. 

A little goes along way when it comes to balloons and hats which are super cheap buying them in bulk. The most expensive thing is the Birthday Cake gum but the kids love it so thats actually almost half the price of the whole gift. I will let you know if I find something equally as yummy to replace it with.

Birthday in a Bag Video!

Packing The Birthday Bag

To pack this super fun gift you just need to open your sack and put a handful of crinkle paper in the bottom. On top of that goes the birthday card, hat, bubbles, birthday cake gum, both balloons and for fun top with some confetti. I sometimes tie a ribbon on the bag handle or I add in some tissue paper on the top. It all depends on the kid and what I have in my birthday bin.

Do kids really love The Birthday Bag?

Yes! Oh my goodness, YES YES YES! When I give out The Birthday Bag to a special kid the others run over to talk about how much fun they are. I actually have been giving them out for a few years and the kids still adore them! I wanted to change a few things but they voted me down. Which is good to hear. They really seem to love to re-celebrate or to have that gift on their special day. To be honest, I love seeing their faces digging through the bag.  Even the boys that you would think are too “tough” to wear a silly hat put the silly hat on while blowing their own birthday horn.

Super easy, Super cute, Super fun!

All ready to take to church for my Sunday School kids! Don’t have tissue paper? No problem! Kids don’t care about that anyway, they just want the goodies!

Have you made a birthday bag like this before?

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