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5 Ocean Theme Color Pages


Do your kids love glitter? This printable Glitter Fish craft is a quick and easy way to keep kids busy so you can make lunch!

These 5 ocean theme color pages saved my ears!

It’s 9 am on Moody Monday, I have 5 kids running in circles around me and laughing. One turns around and slaps the other 4 right in the face.. now everyone is crying! The four kids that were slapped, and the one kid that did the slapping, he has realized it was a BAD IDEA. My ears are numb, I can’t even hear my own thoughts anymore. Then it hits me, I HAVE COLOR SHEETS! I get the pages and some crayons, get everyone to the table, and now.. silence! AHH! It’s awesome! Five minutes of quiet, maybe my ears will stop ringing soon. That’s how our Ocean Theme Fun Friday started. Yes! I used the color pages on Monday, but we just needed a little quiet and it worked! If you haven’t checked out our Theme Fun Friday click here to see it!

What you will need.

  • Crayons, markers, colored pencils, or even paint!
  • Print your 5 Ocean Color Pages (located in the member only Printable Library)

*All art is my own so please do not alter or pass off as your own. Thanks!

I hope you enjoy our 5 Ocean Theme Color Pages for kids! Don’t forget to check out our Ocean Theme Fun Friday for more great ideas for your children.

My daycare kids loved the shark jumping from the water the best.

Which color page did your kids like the best?

Kathaleen Kopf

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