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How to Make a Halloween Spider Web Pizza for Kids

Halloween Spider Pizzas are so much fun for the whole family to make and enjoy. You can make your Halloween Spider Web Pizza as large or small as you want. If you have a Halloween party that you’re planning just make a bunch of spider web shaped mini pizzas and the kids can add their toppings to it. You only need a few things for this recipe, tomato sauce, pizza dough, cheese, pepperonis, olives, and red bell peppers.

So pre heat oven to 425 degrees and let’s start baking these spooky spider pizzas! If you want to make individual pizzas for a fast fun dinner and you can’t make homemade dough, just grab some slim buns, bagels, or english muffins from the store for your pizza base. They will work in a pinch and it’s an easy way to get dinner on the table quickly. 

Let your kids make this cute Spider Wand or color these fun Halloween Color Pages while you get the dough working. These Easy Spider Crafts are fun for kids of all ages.

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What You Need to Make a Halloween Spiderweb Pizza

First off, if you need a great Homemade Pizza Dough recipe click here, I’ve been making this one for years. Shh! Don’t tell anyone but on occasion in the past, I have used Pillsbury’s canned pizza dough in the refrigerated section over by the yummy cookie dough.

  • USA Pizza Pan 
  • Rolling Pin
  • Spider cookie cutter
  • Flour for rolling
  • Pizza dough 
  • Pizza sauce
  • Mozzarella Cheese 
  • Pepperonis -large pepperonis are usually at the deli counter
  • Red or green bell peppers cut into long strips for legs
  • Green or black olives
On a tan kitchen counter top sits a ball of pizza dough, cup of flour and rolling pin sitting on a pizza pan. Next to the pan is a wooden cutting board with pepperonis, cheese, bell peppers, and pizza sauce.

Halloween Spiderweb Pizza -How to Video

Don’t you just love videos? It’s so much easier. More detailed step-by-step instructions are below.

How to make your Halloween Spiderweb Pizza step-by-step directions.

To get started making this yummy pizza we need to decide what the base will be. You can either buy some pizza dough, canned dough or make this Homemade Pizza Recipe. If you are wanting to buy mini pizza crusts in a pinch grab some bagels, english muffins, mini pizza crusts, or even sliced french bread would work great. 

Set out your large pizza pan or baking sheet while your oven preheats to 425 degrees. On a lightly floured surface roll out your pizza dough shape. Using a rolling pin roll out the soft dough into a circle shape, like a 12-inch circle. Once you have a circle shape we will work on the outside edge.

Working around the circle fold in a small outer edge and leave the edges in between at a point. The pizza shape should look similar to the spider web on Charlotte’s Web. Continue working around the pizza circle until you have a spider web shape. 

On tan kitchen countertop sits a silver pizza pan with rolled out dough that an adult hand is folding in the edges to look like a spiderweb.

When you have the spider web shape finished it’s time to add the toppings to your pizza. You can add alfredo sauce, olive oil with spices, homemade pizza sauce, or pasta sauce. Spread the sauce evenly around the pizza working from the center outward to the crust. 

If you love white onions, spinach, or any veggie you want to hide from your kids go ahead and add them now before the cheese goes on. Cut everything into smaller pieces to be sure the vegetables lay flat below the cheese. This way it’s covered and you can only see the fun pizza spider web design when it’s finished cooking. It’s a good thing that my kids love spinach on their pizza, that green might be harder to hide.

Now, sprinkle cheese on the pizza! Top the sauce with mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, or whatever mixture your family loves. Mozzarella cheese melts better than most other cheese so we usually stick with that kind. When you have the pizza topped with cheese it’s time to move onto the body of the spider. 

A spider web shaped pizza dough holds pizza sauce, then cheese, and a spider made from pepperonis, olives for eyes, and bell pepper for legs. The pizza is sat on a silver pizza pan on top of a tan kitchen counter.

Use two deli sized slices of pepperoni for your spider’s bodies. You can make this spider into two pieces, a head, and body, or just make a giant spider head like the body is behind and his eyes and face are looking at you. This is the perfect time for your kids to get involved in the cooking process. They would love to decorate their own spider bodies on their own spider web pizza. 

This is important: Make sure to cut into the circle edges of your pepperonis to stop it from curling up when being baked.  Otherwise, your spider head will have a concave type body. To do this just cut inward 4 or 5 times around the circle pepperoni. This will help your spider to lay flat while cooking. 

Spider legs will be made from red bell peppers that have been cut into thin strips. You want to be able to see the legs but not have giant chunks sitting there. Lay the bell pepper slices under the peperoni slices working to get them just right. 

To make the eyes add 2 olives on top of the pepperonis for eyes. Use either black olives or green olives. If you want your spider to have red eyes like mine just cut a piece of bell pepper into small pieces and set two of them inside the rings of the olive eyes. 

A blue cutting board holds a small spider cookie cutter with cut out pepperoni spider shapes and pepperonis that are whole.

To make this pizza extra fun the kids and I decided to cut out tiny spiders.To cut out your tiny spiders use this cookie cutter or a set of kitchen sheers if you’re super creative. When I used this cookie cutter I was able to cut through 3 pepperonis at a time. This small sized pepperoni spiders works great on the mini spider pizzas.

Use the mini pizzas as an appetizer, a fun Halloween party food idea, for the next birthday party in your house, or for a Spiderman birthday party. When it comes to easy recipes you can’t get much easier than making these spider web pizzas on something already cooked like buns or bagels. 

Tan kitchen counter with a silver and gold rolling pin off to the side. A silver pizza pan holds a spider web shaped pizza with a large spider made of pepperonis, bell peppers, and olives, Small cut spider pepperonis are scattered around the large spider.

Cook your pizza for 12-15 minutes depending on your oven on the center oven rack. If the pepperonis are greezy then just dab it off with a paper towel when the pizza is finished cooking. Let the pizza cool before serving it to the children. 

When it comes to Halloween recipes this one is one of the best. You can even make this pizza with a frozen pizza by rearranging the toppings and maybe adding a few ingredients.  While the pizza is cooking you can start on this mouth watering Halloween Cookie Pizza or this Pumpkin Spice Spiderweb Pizza that is sure to get your kids to clean their rooms so they can get one.

A slit picture with the left side of the spider web pizza cooking in the oven and the right side a silver pizza pan holding a cooled spider web shaped pizza.

Looks done and it smells absolutely delicious! My mouth is watering and the kids are running back in yelling “yay the pizza is done” what a great day!

Looking for dessert? Try these Easy Fall Apples they are dipped in chocolate and covered in goodness. Halloween Whoopie Pies are also a delicious moist after dinner treat.

Halloween Spiderweb Pizza

Simple and fun pizza to make with your kids. 

Author Kathaleen


  • 1 batch Fresh pizza dough
  • 1 lb Mozzerella Cheese grated
  • 1 Red bell pepper sliced into long strips
  • 1 jar Pizza sauce
  • 1/2 lb Pepperonis deli sliced thin
  • 1 can Olives (black or green) sliced into coins


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. 

    Sprinkle a little flour to prevent your dough from sticking to the pan. Roll out your fresh pizza dough to the edges of your pan while watching the thickness too thick and it could come out doughy too thin and you could have a giant cracker. 

  2. Starting on the side closest to you turn in about a 3 to 4-inch portion keep turning inward until you have an octagon type shape. Now go back and pinch each point to make sure they stay put. 

  3. Using a spoon spread out your pizza sauce then cover with cheese. 

  4. Take one large pepperoni and make 4 cuts around the edges 1/4 inch in to prevent curling while baking. Next, you will need 8 slices of red bell peppers tucking 4 legs on each side.  For your spider’s eyes take as many slices of your olives as you want. Spiders do have lots of eyes so let your child decided how many. 

  5. Now it’s spider time using a cookie cutter or a pair of kitchen scissors cut out your small spiders. You will need enough to spread over your pizza try to make them look like they’re crawling away or let your child go crazy decorating. 
  6. When your masterpiece is finished put it in your oven for 12-16 minutes checking after 12 minutes. Ovens cook differently so keep a close eye not to burn it. 

  7. Let cool then slice and Enjoy!

Does your family love pizza as much as mine?

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